Haka user identification system

The University of Lapland is part of the Haka trusted network. It is a framework allowing you to log into network services using your university username and password.
With roughly 296,000 users, Haka is the leading user identification system among Finnish higher-education and research organisations.

One username and password

Researchers, students, and personnel who are members of the Haka network can use their home organisation username and password to log into various services. Personal data can also be transferred safely during login. Haka is compatible with the trusted networks of other Nordic higher education institutes, which allows you to use their services as well.
Before your personal data is entered into the system, you may check them through the menu that opens after login.

The recommended way to log out of Haka services is to close the browser. This is of special importance when using shared computers, for example in the library. Some services allow you to use a logout procedure. If you have used several services during a session, you must log out of each one separately or close the browser.


Below is an example of a Haka login to the WebOodi service at

Click ‘In English’ and then ‘Login to WebOodi’.


The Haka login page of the University of Lapland opens up in the browser at .

Enter your username and password. If you are logging into WebOodi for the second time and wish to check your existing personal information in the service, tick the box next to ‘Revoke attribute release approval’.

Click ‘Login’.


The data released to WebOodi at the moment consist of ‘Principal name’ (personal identification) and ‘haka-logout-url’ (https address for logging out of WebOodi).

You may decide how the login works the next time you use WebOodi. Users typically select the default option 'Ask again if required information changes’, in which case the system will notify them of any changes to the released information.

Click ‘Accept’ to enter WebOodi.


Click ‘Quit’ to log off WebOodi.


You have now logged out of WebOodi.

If you have also contacted some other service, you can still use it.

For data security reasons, always close the browser after your session.


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